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2016 Pitch Competition Winner #Throwback

2016 Pitch Competition Winner #Throwback
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Know a college student with a great business idea? Then tell them to apply to Tech2gether Student Pitch Competition! For the last two years, Tech2gether has hosted a student pitch competition and each year the winner receives $3,000.00 plus a ton of exposure.

So how does it work? Students apply with their awesome ideas and the top five applicants get to present their 5-7 minute pitch to three judges. The judges tend to be esteemed business leaders and/or venture capitalists. So even if you don’t win, you’re still getting in front of the right the people.

The video below is from last year’s winner, Matt Esposito of Silk Tours. Think of it as a “cheatsheet” for a great pitch and what questions you may receive from the judges.  This is a must see for anyone planning on participating in this year’s competition.

Apply here for the competition!

If you just want to attend the conference, go here for tickets. Early bird tickets are still on sale now!

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