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#disruption after diploma

#disruption after diploma
  • Megan Anthony

As graduation season draws to a close, we can’t help to become nostalgic over our former student interns. We had a talented group of unique individuals over the past year and we’d like to take a moment to brag about their #currentsituations.

Headshot of Gavin Short
Gavin Short

Gavin Short: Gavin joined us last Summer as our first intern EVER! Gavin provided concierge-level service to our members and always graced a smile upon his face. He planned member events and curated social media content.

Where is he now? Gavin graduated from the University of Delaware with his Bachelor’s Degree in Operational Leadership. He is the recent Founder of “Paws in the Park” and according to the website, “[Paws in the Park] is a social movement project looking to bring awareness and generate interest in animal adoptions.” The 5k walk held on Mother’s Day, helped connect SPCA animals with potential furever homes. Gavin says, “[he] started the project because he realized he really enjoyed event planning from his time at 1313 Innovation”.

Headshot of Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher: Jeff joined us last Fall as a Senior pursuing a degree from Wilmington University’s Game Design and Development Program. Two words that our community used to describe Jeff were “talented and dedicated”. In conjunction with his internship, Jeff was nominated for “Best Indie Video Game” by Technical.ly Delaware and his own company, Luna Wolf Studios, created 5 educational games for Legends of Learning. Here’s a hype video of his current projects.

Where is Jeff now? Jeff graduated from WilmU and landed a job at this little place called QVC as an Associate Applications Developer…NBD.  According to Jeff, “1313 helped me the most via networking and building a following on social media. This internship also gave me ideas for how to impact my industry and society as whole. I’m looking to start an IGDA (International Game Developers Association) for Delaware now.”

Garry Johnson III: Garry Johnson, also known as “G”, joined 1313 Innovation in Fall 2016. Garry was a Senior at UD pursuing a degree in Exercise Studies with a Minor in Entrepreneurship. If our staff at 1313 Innovation were to use one word to describe Garry, it would be “Unstoppable”. “G” was always ready for a challenge and always made use of the opportunities he was provided. He wrote blog posts, crafted social content and marketing material, planned events, WON A PITCH COMPETITION AND STARTED A NONPROFIT. Garry crushed life, basically.

Picture of Garry Johnson III on stage
Garry Johnson III
Where is Garry now? Garry is a recent graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. This Fall, he will pursue a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Design from UD. Garry is thankful for the connections he made during his internship at 1313 Innovation and plans to drop by when he’s not busy making the world a better place.
CONGRATS to our former interns! We’re proud of you all and we cannot wait to watch you #distruptafterdiploma!

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