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Summercollab Receives 2017 Founders Award


The Summer Collaborative works vigorously to ensure students continue learning in the summer. Their determination and hard work have led them to achieve various feats and gain an increasing amount of recognition. Their most recent achievement was the 2017 Founders Award rewarded to them for their remarkable achievements in ensuring that kids continue learning during the summer months. The Summer Collab is one out of three organizations who have won the award which recognizes unique and non-traditional summer program models.

The Summer Collaborative works to alter the educational outcomes of low-income students by equipping community based institutions with the tools necessary to execute exemplary summer learning initiatives.  Because of the work that The Summer Learning Collaborative has done and is currently doing, 86% of campers experience a reversal in learning loss.

Due to the work of The Summer Learning Collaborative, Summer is no longer a missed opportunity for students.

You can donate to The Summer Collaborative and their mission here.

Be sure not to miss out on the Collab Cup coming up! Check it out here.


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