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Spend Your Summer Coworking at 1313

Spend Your Summer Coworking at 1313
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Coworking is a place that offers an affordable shared workspace in which companies exchange supplies, ideas, and insight in addition to all of the resources that the coworking space provides.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you then we have good news! You do not need to travel far to be a part of the awesome experience of working in a shared workspace.

Come check out 1313 Innovation(1313) in Wilmington, Delaware. We offer resources and workspaces that help to fuel your workday and provide a place of incubation for start-ups, nonprofits, and small businesses. 1313 has something for everyone and every type of organization.

To provide you with a little insight on the awesome community here at 1313 and the awesome individuals that work out of the space, we asked a few of them some questions. We asked what their first summer job was, what they do now, and what they enjoy the most about coworking at 1313 Innovation. Get to know their organizations and check out their answers below:

Willis Alger with Advance Services:

1.My first summer job was at Chick-fil-A.
2.Now, I find top notch talent for organizations in Delaware and nationally. We do all kinds of employment… Temp-to-perm, temps, and direct hires. We focus on recruiting and screening so our clients are able to focus on other business priorities.
3.The thing I like about coworking at 1313 is the amenities and people. The access to multiple conference rooms, resources, and the people here, are a true blessing.

Pam Andrews with The Scholarship Shark:

1.  My first summer job was working at a funeral home for a small family-owned business.  I helped to organize the accounts receivable so that they could easily figure out who paid and who had not after the burial.
2.  I help high school students get into college and get it paid for with scholarships.  So far our families have secured over $1,000,000 in scholarship most receiving full tuition scholarships at their dream schools.
3.  I’m a newbie, but so far I enjoy the flexible times and having a place outside of my home to work.  I really like that so much is included like the meeting space and photocopies.

Greg Whilby with Executive Joe:

1. 1st Job was cashier for Chick-fil-a.
2. Healthcare consulting
3. I like the 24 hour access and the great people to work around.

Riley Shaw with Geoswap:

1. I was a lifeguard at a local swim club every summer in High School
2. Now I’m a software developer
3. I like the relaxed, friendly attitude at 1313. All of the furniture and office gear is also really useful. The best part though is probably the ample opportunities to network with people from all different fields. I can chat with marketing/sales/business people as much as experienced software developers and it really opens up so many opportunities.

Brandon Mahoney with Carvertise:

1. My first summer job as a kid was babysitting and mowing lawns for my neighbors. Although, I’m not sure you can count the lawn mowing because I never actually was paid because my mom kept telling the neighbors they didn’t have to pay me. She was a sweetheart like that. … She often did the same when I babysat. Great mother, bad negotiator.
2. I currently work for Carvertise as their Director of National Partnerships.
3. I love seeing the different organizations come in and begin to thrive while being here. The level of creativity within the building is fantastic, and I’ll always appreciate that vibe. The icing on the cake is that there are always new faces and people to meet, which is a lot of fun when you work in a smaller organization.

Jason Bamford with Geoswap:

1. Pool Store (repair guy, chemical tester)
2. Work at GeoSwap
3. Ping pong

Joseph Mastrangelo with Masthead Marketing:

1. Installing sprinkler systems
2. Marketing consulting
3. Environment, diversity of companies, Benjamin’s Desk access

As you can see, we have a diverse array of organizations and individuals within 1313 who all help to facilitate the fun, productive, and exciting environment here at 1313. All of the companies and individuals that work out of 1313 Innovation offer innovative solutions to a wide range of problems/issues.

If you are unsure whether coworking is a good fit for you then purchase our $10 day pass. A day pass gives you access to all of our amenities such as complimentary beverages, private phone rooms, conference space, high speed internet, on demand printing, and so much more!

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